Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mr. Robot. "m1rr0r1ng.qt"

I told all of you, dammit. 
How many times is Elliott going to throw himself out/off things?
  1. Alright. I'm ready to continue with this mindfuck.
  2. Whoa. Asshole dude. If your "retarded" nephew could do the same job as Mr. Robot, why not have him do it?
  3. That's the type of stuff that retail workers live to say.
  4. I love flashbacks because they always have to throw something dumb in there. Like when Cal tells Rose that Monet will never amount to anything in Titanic. Christian Slater just said, "Oh Pulp Fiction. Never heard of it." Lol.
  5. I miss the days of checking movie times in the newspaper.
    Also, a time when $20 could cover going to the movies.
  6. "Even though what you did was wrong, you're still a good kid". I like this. Too many kids do something wrong and they're yelled at and told they're naughty. The kid isn't necessarily just a naughty kid. They're most likely a great kid who just did something wrong and I wish parents would take the time to tell their kids that. They don't need to grow up simply thinking, "I'm a bad kid... I'm a bad person."
  7. Elliott 100% has full right to want to kick Christian Slaters' ass. IF Christian Slater is actually there and NOT A FIGMENT OF HIS BATSHIT IMAGINATION! (which, we all know that he is)
  8. Theoretically, if Elliott's dad didn't die though, what is he fighting for?
  9. This entire thing was a revenge kick.
  10. So now what would it be?
  11. (Again, assuming that Christian Slater is actually real WHICH HE ISN'T)
  12. It is nice hearing Elliott have some real emotions though.
  13. Ahhh we're getting all into the whole notion that "they" want you to forget so "they" put you on meds.
  14. Y'all know I'm not a fan of meds... but sometimes they're necessary.
  15. Especially when you're seeing your dead father everywhere.
  16. JUSTIN IS BACK (Queer as Fold guy and Gideon's Boyfriend)
  17. Breakfast. In. Bed. I want a gay boyfriend.
  18. Failures still eat breakfast, Justin.
  19. Angela just walked into the lawyers office and expected a job? Okay
  20. She also really didn't think about how she won't be able to get a job after she confesses to her "role" in the hack?
  21. Can I take a minute to remind everyone that Christian Slater told Elliott that he's not allowed to have Darlene's phone number saved in his phone? If she really is his sister, wouldn't it be more sketchy that her number wasn't saved? Also, why doesn't Angela have Darlene's number? Aren't they best buds?
  22. Angela just pulled the number one "I'm an only child" sign. She assumed that because Darlene and Elliott aren't close, that Darlene doesn't care at all about Elliott. SWEETHEART. That is NOT how sibling relationships work. My sister could call me up to hide a dead body right now and I'd show up.
  23. ... not that she would.
  24. ... there isn't currently a dead body to hide.
  25. ... please move along.
  26. I'm with Angela on this one. If you guys want her help so badly, you really have to give her a hint about what's going on.
  27. Little Elliott's "games" are about statistical probability. Children are weird. 
  28. I want to hear more about this piece of shit mother though. IF Christian Slater really IS real (which he isn't), why would he leave his children to deal with her?
  29. Tyrell and badass mail order bride had their baby! That's gonna be one fucked up child.
    She's telepathically communicating with the child on how she's going to help him take over the world.
  30. Mail Order Bride was a teen mom who gave her baby up for adoption. She just became more of a badass to me. She's a tough broad. I cannot WAIT to see her development on this show.
  31. That baby is super cute though.
  32. Ugh. Baby fever.
  33. The drive that showed exactly who helped to corrupt All Safe was destroyed... Of course.
  34. Everyone knows that Tyrell killed the CTOs wife.
  35. Literally everyone.
  36. Can't tell if this boss is trying to buddy up or if he's the only person who doesn't find Tyrell creepy.
  37. LOL Tyrell got fired.
  38. Good call.
  39. However, firing him will definitely look even more suspicious to the cops.
  40. Which, I mean, he did do it so that's good but still. If the boss had a notion that Tyrell wasn't guilty, he just made sure that the cops look at him.
  41. I didn't see Tyrell as the begging type... But here he is.
  42. Now I see why mail order bride is in charge.
  43. Hmmm... Is Tyrell part of Christian Slater's group?
  44. Elliott has been crazy his entire life.
  45. Does anything actually exist?
  46. Is Elliott in an asylum? A la, Buffy season 6 "Normal Again"?
  47. Do I even exist?
  48. Why does everyone on this show use headphones when they're the only ones around?
  49. So the new family who lives in Elliott's house just leave their doors unlocked?
  50. Where do these people live?
    Where is this? I actually would like to go there.
  51. Every show I watch usually has a cemetery in it.
  52. Totally cool with that.
  53. UM.
  54. UM.
  59. I TOLD YOU
  63. I am so happy that I was RIGHT. But so angry that this show made me second guess myself.
  64. "You knew all along, didn't you?" YEAH ELLIOTT I FUCKING DID CHECK MY BLOG
  65. "I think I'm pretty fucking far from okay". Dude. Yeah. Dude... yeah.
  66. Angela. Don't. "I wish I could talk to my mom again." I get what you're trying to say. But no. Such an inappropriate statement right now. 
    "How many times do we have to tell Elliott that he's crazy? Ball park?"
  67. Now still wondering if I'm a figment of Elliott's imagination.
  68. Ugh. Why is Terry Colby at Angela's house?
  69. I hate the smirk that guys who THINK they've won get. Think being the key word.
  70. Terry Colby wants Angela to work for Evil Corp? Where's the string?
  71. "We started a rainy day fun" - the fun is roughly $500 million. Can I have that rainy day fund?
  72. "If you want to change things, perhaps you should start from within." This show has some cliche ass advice but it's cliche'd for a reason.
  73. I don't like Darlene but I 'm tolerant of her now that I know they're not endgame.
  74. So who is Tyrell in all of this?
  75. Ugh. He's putting on those gloves he wears when he beats the shit out of a poor homeless man.
  76. I don't know who is more crazy. Tyrell or Elliott.
  77. Possibly Elliott since he's showing Tyrell the secret arcade lair.
  78. "I wanted to save the world". Adorable, Elliott.

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