Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Art of Ghosting and Why You're an Asshole

Ghosting. If you're not familiar with this new term, you're a very lucky individual. You've either been granted the rare and beautiful thing called a "mature" relationship or you're very very old and in that case, why are you on my blog?

Ghosting is when someone you're seeing romantically dies. No really, they're dead. This is why it's called ghosting. Because that person died and can no longer contact you since you're not Haley Joel Osment (lol I'm hilarious). That is the only respectable reason why someone would just, never talk to you again. For absolutely no reason. They're fucking dead. So move on.


Fine. They're not dead. It's actually worse.

These people, they fall off the face of the planet into this special part of the universe where truly pathetic human beings belong. They're people who literally just stop talking to the people they've been dating... For no reason. They just stop responding to any message (but hilariously enough, still watch your Instagram Stories. Man, the 21st Century is bonkers). I've had friends who have ghosted romantic partners. It's something I can only deter with harsh judgement and glaring, not that that actually works. But I'm very much against it and I haven't actually ghosted anyone I dated... Which leads me to the next part. I just want to clarify what I mean when I say "ghosting". Someone you've been talking to on Tinder who suddenly stopped talking to you isn't "ghosting" you (I am suuuuuuper sorry about that guys). Someone you met once who stopped responding to your Facebook messages? Also not ghosting. Additionally, in both these circumstances, if the other person has made it abundantly clear (via words and actions) that they're not even interested in a first date... "Ghosting" may be the only option. I've been there. Go for it, people.

The act of ghosting only really counts when you've had at least one date with this person or have some sort of a history with them. It's also a very cuddly, nice word to use for a really terrible thing to do to another human being. For no reason.

I've certainly had my fair share of ghosting. There was my very first dabble into the dating world with the infamous Togos boy that ended in my first super fun ghosting experience that set the cornerstone of the baggage I now carry. No one will ever forget the human equivalent of a frisbee who attempted to ghost me after being involved for two and a half years (lol yeah, two and a half years). There's the family friend who I'm pretty sure is probably reading this (hey, what's up?) and thinking about how awkward he's made future run ins cause we're definitely going to have to see one another again. And of course, my most recent one that everyone was super sure was a "good guy". But I'm here to tell you that even "good guys" can be dicks. Which is why those words are in quotes. Cause, I'm sorry buddy, but actual good guys don't ghost people.

So I'm going to help you out, ladies and gentlemen. Are you contemplating ghosting the person you just went on a few dates with despite the fact that that person did nothing wrong? Is that other person super awesome and you're just a complete asshole so you really really believe that the only thing to do is ghost them? Do I have news for you!

... I don't have news for you but I do have 4 things you could do instead of ghosting them:

  1. Purchase a messenger pigeon. Messenger pigeons have been used since like 1150 and Genghis Khan used them (there's a song about him and I am crying at how many people don't actually know who he is). All you have to do is buy the pigeon already trained, write down the message, tie it onto their little tiny leg, and send them on their way. That way, you don't have to deal with the tears that you are very clearly too terrified to deal with. Who are you? Elphaba?                                                                                                                                                                                           
  2. Write your message down. Translate it into a cryptogram. Leave it for the person you want to ghost. Optional: Give them a key to help solve it. If you want to one up this, you can buy an actual cryptex (pictured above - I have one but the human equivalent of frisbee kept it along with my xbox and I don't know which I'm more upset about). This way, the person has to play this really cool game in order to find out that you're ditching them and they developed a new skill.                                                   
    I should do this for the people who have ghosted me. 

    I feel this on a very deep level.
  3. Convince Ryan Reynolds or Chrissy Teigen to tweet them. I cannot think of how this would possibly be a bad thing. They're Twitter gods. Everyone wins here.                                     
    I have one. Should I take it out? Is that how you reached out to me?
  4. Tell an actual ghost and have that ghost tell them via a Ouija board. It's like Ghostception.
I do have a final bonus option though. Perhaps, for one second, remember that the person you're about to ghost is an actual, living, breathing, human being who has actual human being feelings. Remember that at some point, this is someone you actually cared for. Remember that no one actually deserves to be ghosted for any reason, no matter what you think. And lastly, please remember this one as it will help you in the future... Karma is a bitch (and she's probably a Scorpio ha-ha-ha yes, so funny, I've heard all your lame Scorpio jokes. You'd think y'all would stop making fun of us at some point since you think we're all Satan reborn).

Or you can remain a pathetic piece of shit. Honestly, the choice is yours. 

Boy, Mario games have really changed since my day.

My final, and most important message, goes out to the people who have been ghosted and I'm going to get really serious here. You did nothing wrong. This was not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you. After so many years of being treated like I don't even deserve to be spoken to by so many different guys... It's really hard not to believe that there is something very wrong with me. That there is something that I am doing to deserve to constantly be treated like this. I have gone over every scene in my head to figure things out, cried to Jessica, and done some really terrible things to harm myself because I really thought that there was something wrong with me. And when this is the most common experience I've had with guys, can you blame me for feeling this way? I can't say that these feelings have left me but I can say that I'm working really hard to push them away. So let me say it again. I did nothing wrong. This was not my fault. There is nothing wrong with me. Ghosting is always, 100% on the pathetic human who decided to take a cowards way out instead of show some basic human decency. They are the people who made a selfish decision that affected your life. It's unfair that they are the ones who don't have to wonder, "Ummm, did they actually die? Are they dead? Perhaps they were mauled by a bear??" They don't have to make excuses to friends until they figure out they've been ghosted. They just get to live life, carefree. And that's the pits, I know. You just have to remember that you're a good person who hasn't ghosted anyone and you're not a pathetic human being. 

And that's a really great feeling.  

- so I can sigh eternally -


Friday, November 10, 2017

29. I'm just waiting for 65 so I can start getting that senior discount.

I had that hip pop from day one.
Hey there. I bet you forgot I existed. 2017 has more than gotten away from me. I blinked my eyes in January and it was already July. I blinked again and it was Halloween. I feel like I missed October as it blended into November when suddenly, everyone asked me what I was going to do for my birthday. Twenty-Nine. Holy hell. I'm entering my final year of my 20s. What does that even mean?

Ask anyone my age or younger and they'll practically have a panic attack thinking about turning 30. I experienced a (former) loved one turning 30 a few years ago. It was a painful experience... For me. You'd think he was told that he was literally going to be murdered on his 30th birthday. No jokes could be made and no mentions of his upcoming age change were allowed to be spoken out loud. It was ridiculous. Turning another year older is this huge fear that people in their 20s seem to have. For me, I quickly panic when I remember that my mother had a house, 2 kids, and a husband by the time she had hit 29. She also was incredibly successful in her job and had her own side business doing hula shows with her best friend (you guys know my mom is a BAMF, right?). Guys. I can barely remember to take my vitamins or take my laundry out of the dryer, how the hell did all these other people get their shit together by 29? Did I miss that part in life? DID I PASS GO?! (Who wants to play monopoly? Does anyone have that cool Harry Potter or Zelda monopoly cause I would 100% be down. Someone please play board games with me.)

Ask anyone older than me and they will tell you how amazing their 30s have been. "30s are the new 20s" or something equally as cliche. I haven't had one person over the age of 30 tell me they wished they were in their 20s again. And let me tell you... I believe them.

I don't even know what to comment on first here. My dad's outfit, my dress, my mullet, those cubby baby arm rolls, the fact that I barely know how to walk but I'm drinking beer?
When you're a teenager, you have this weird knowledge. You're very well aware that you're not an adult yet but you're really pissed off about that fact so you act like you know literally everything about everything. All the time. Therefore, you're the coolest person evvvvvvvver. Except that you're really not and deep down you know that so you over compensate by being a dick (Note: I'd like to take this moment to deeply apologize to any adult who knew teenaged Lauren. I am so sorry you had to deal with the poorly done makeup, bad fashion choices, general emo attitude, and literally my entire existence. Now that I have gotten the opportunity to know teenagers... I am so sorry) Your 20s? That's an entirely different ballpark. Except it's not a different ballpark at all. You just think it is. In fact, it's basically like the Oakland coliseum. Your teenaged years are baseball season at the coliseum and your 20s are football season. It's literally the exact same place, you just made it look different. When you turn 20, you're no longer a ~teenager~. You're a grown up who can make grown up choices. I would rather go back to being a teenager than ever go back to my early 20s. The years of 100% knowing everything because I'm an adult so I know everything you can't treat me like a teenager anymore cause I'm not (Note Take Two: Again, super sorry to anyone who knew early 20s Lauren. My makeup may have been better - fashion still wasn't - but man. So sorry again. I have no idea how any of you are still around). But once you get over the "I know everything and I'll just sit here and roll my eyes at you" phase of your life, you finally start figuring shit out.

I have grown more between the ages of 25 and 29 than I ever have in my entire life. And here's the thing. No one ever tells you about that. No one ever talks about the things you learn during this time of your life. These past 4 years of my life have been the biggest, most insane roller coaster I have ever been on. I fell in love, lost a lot of friends, found a career I really enjoy, had many friends get married, had many friends have babies, grew apart from some people while growing closer to others, had my heart shattered to pieces, grew incredibly cynical and hateful but worked myself out of it, and so much more. My mind boggles when thinking about how much I've changed. If you know me, you know I don't like cliche sayings. "Everything is always changing" blah blah blah bite me. But... I guess cliches are cliches for a reason. You are truly always changing and always becoming a (hopefully) better version of yourself. That's what I've learned you should strive for in your life.

So this is my lifetime movie message to you on my 29th birthday. Don't be afraid of the future. Welcome it. Because you have two choices for tomorrow. You can get older and make the best of your life. Or you can, ya know, be dead. Make your choice.
#tbt #takemeback
"Carpe Diem. Cause tomorrow, you might be dead!" - Buffy Summers (guys, I'm still Lauren)

**For a slightly different change of pace, check out my blog from my 28th birthday where I go over the 28 things I learned in 28 years. They still hold true (still hate Birks).**

Monday, March 20, 2017

Woman 2 Woman

Shout out to the wonderful female influencers in my life :)

This post is for other women. This post is meant to speak to the woman on the other side of this screen. Men can sympathize with all the words that I am about to type, but they will never understand what life is like when you're a woman. And they'll never understand the power that women have over other women. And how often women abuse this power.

As most of you already know, my mom was my driving force as a kid to be an individual. She even said she wanted to be the crazy witchy lady on the block. She never seemed to care about what other people thought about her. I don't know where she got her confidence and self-love from but I'm very happy she passed it onto me. My mom was never the type to make fun of other women (or people in general) when we were out and about. She would often tell me that I shouldn't judge others by what I see in their outward appearance. She would also remind me that I wouldn't want to be judged by my outward appearance all the time. Sometimes you go outside in a fantastic outfit with perfect hair... And sometimes you wear your Uggs, slightly see-thru yoga pants, and you forget what a hair brush is. We're not all perfect.

As a woman, ask yourself how often a day you look at other women and think something like the following:
  • What the hell is she wearing?
  • Oh wow, she does not know how to blend her makeup.
  • Did she even look at her eyebrows before leaving the house?
  • She shouldn't be eating that cupcake.
  • She should be eating a cupcake.
If you respond by saying that you've never, once in your life, thought these things when looking at another woman, you are a liar. I have been working very hard to try and not think these things and, for the most part, it has worked. I still have bad days where I will look at a woman and think something like what's written above and I immediately chide myself. Looking deeper, I know that the times I think these things is when I'm having a bad self confidence day. It's taken me a lot of time and work to become comfortable in my own skin (and I'm not fully there yet). When I think these things, I just feel worse about myself. Not only do I feel fat today, but I'm going to try and make fun of another woman for what she's eating/wearing? Not cool. It's cliche to say, "They only say those things because they're jealous" but the older I've gotten, the more I realize that cliches are cliches for a reason... Because they're true. The women whom I know to consistently (and vocally) express the things above are the same women who don't truly love themselves. You can't force someone to love themselves. Self-love really, truly, comes from within. The first step is to just recognize that you need to work on yourself and go from there. Because if you don't work on yourself, you can't help make this world a better place.

More importantly... How many times have you said this aloud? With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and all the many other forms of social media, we've seen the bashing of women rise to insane measures. You can't go to the gym without the possibility of someone taking a photo of you, just to make fun of you. You can't purchase something without women around you (or on the internet) forcing their opinions on you. Why do we do this to ourselves? We're 1,000 times more destructive to ourselves then any man can possibly be... Because we know how to hit another woman where it counts. 

This brings me to an even bigger issue at hand: How we react to how women in the spotlight dress. Sure, the media is largely to blame. They provide the click-bait and the disgusting articles. They're the ones who criticize and seek these things out. The media does this because they know that's how they get views. An article that's entitled "Amal Clooney speaks to the U.N." wouldn't get Times Magazine as many clicks as "Amal Clooney shows off baby bump" (to read more about how royally Times Magazine fucked that one up, click here). As if the most important thing that Amal did that day was dress to the nines while pregnant.    

Let me give you some examples:

If you're an American (and even if you're not), you probably remember the day pictured above. That was the day the President Trump was sworn in. I don't want to get political or speak about my views of Trump. What I want to talk about is how many people bashed the hell out of Melania Trump for what she wore. I am still unsure why; I think she looks fantastic. Twitter was awash with people who claimed to be "open-minded" and "accepting" stating that Melania looked stupid. The constant comparisons to Michelle Obama (which, in itself is a huge issue - let's stop comparing one woman to another) and how Michelle looked better when President Obama was sworn in. I saw memes, reaction gifs, and pretty awful words written about her outfit choices. And, Melania, this is just the beginning. Welcome to the next 4 years of your life. No outfit you wear will ever be good enough and god forbid you exit the house in the next 4 years without perfect hair and makeup.

Like many other people in this world, I am obsessed with True Crime. I was incredibly young when O.J. Simpson murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman (no doubt, if you disagree, message me so we can talk about it). I don't remember Simpson being a football star, only a murderer who got away with it. When the T.V. Show "The People vs. O.J. Simpson" came out, I devoured it. My dad watched most of the episodes with me. He remembered this case vividly. He had followed it, like most people, when it was happening. While watching this show, he asked me, "As a woman, can you tell me why the media was so obsessed with Marcia Clark? That's the one big thing I remember from this case, how Marcia Clark was dragged through the fire for what she wore and how she looked." The answer I gave him is that I didn't know why. I read through a lot of articles that had come out during the case and he wasn't wrong. Marcia Clark was ridiculed, non-stop, for her appearance. I'm not even talking about how "cold" she looked to people. I'm talking about the media attention surrounding her hair, her clothes, her makeup... There was a man who murdered two human beings and the entire world was obsessed with what Marcia Clark wore to court that day? Pathetic. I never found anything regarding how the men in the courtroom dressed or Robert Shaperio's eyebrows (come.on.). It was all about the strong female who took this case on, but not because of how she was a strong single mother, but about how she wasn't hot enough. But we want men to treat us better?

And lastly, a slightly bigger issue I wanted to speak about...

I'm sure that at this point, you have seen this photo and heard about everything that has happened surrounding that photo. That's the ever beautiful Emma Watson in Vanity Fair. Here's my favorite tweet in response to this photo:

When I read that tweet, I'm pretty sure I simultaneously snort-laughed and wanted to throw a drink in the face of this woman. Let me please engrave this into your brain: You cannot call yourself a feminist while actively trying to pull other women down. You are here to help other women and to empower other women. There is nothing sexier than women empowering other women to empower other women. It's the circle of a beautiful life that I wish was more expected than hoped for. That being said, I will let Emma Watson's words speak for me: 

"Feminism is about giving women choice, feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality. I really don't know what my tits have to do with it."

And on that note... Please, if you are a woman reading this post, please make an active effort to empower other women around you. If you don't like what another woman is wearing, it does not matter. She's happy, let her wear what she wants. Just because you don't want that cupcake doesn't mean you should rip apart another woman who does want that cupcake. Eyebrows are important but some people are cool with whatever genetics gave them. Please allow women to have choices in their own lives and support them in those choices. Please create a world that little girls can thrive in. Please help be the change in this world. 

Please believe me when I say that actively working on not putting other women down has been the best and happiest decision of my life. It has made me so much more confident and empowered.

If you ever need someone to talk to about self-love, I am always here for all of you.

- so I can sigh eternally -


Monday, February 6, 2017

Photo Stories: That Time Michelle & I Didn't Listen.

In another life, I was a "photographer". I love(d) black & white photography and took my camera everywhere I went. Unfortunately, it sometimes feels as if iPhones have taken away the true art of photography. It's been many years since I have ventured around with my camera (that is now broken anyway). In college, I took a film photography class and learned how to develop and print photos in a dark room. When I'm a grown up and I have my own house, I really hope that I still make that dark room I want and develop my own photos. Photography isn't as exciting on an iPhone.

Back in my photography days, I went on many adventures to find the best places to photograph at. There was the cemetery, the old mental hospital (or just a dentist office, no one ever knew), the Alameda Base (before everyone tried to make it cool), and the run down mansion that almost killed Michelle and me.

The beach is always a better option.
The year is 2010. I just discovered that there is this run down mansion in Capitola, California. If you have never been to Capitola, it's a pretty adorable beach type town by Santa Cruz. In early 2007, I dated a guy for a few months who lived down there. The fact that he never told me about this run down mansion (that ended up being in the park area right behind his grandmothers' house) really shows you how well he knew me. As soon as I discovered this beauty, I called up one of my go-to girls, Michelle. Michelle is the person who was always down for my dark, goth themed photoshoots. She tramped around a cemetery in San Lorenzo with me and wore my (Hot Topic) clothes just to walk around on my street. On a cloudy and grey day, we drove on down to Capitola. I had heard online that this mansion might be haunted and that it was "fenced in". From what I could find online, there was always some magical way to get in. Michelle and I were totally fine with breaking a few laws if we got some great photos. Plus, it's not like this was my first time breaking in somewhere to take photos...... :)

Once we got down to Capitola and parked my car, we walked around what we could of the perimeter of this mansion. The mansion was backed up to this river. At that time, California was not in a draught and it was that wet time between Winter and Spring. That river was a-rushin'. We walked around the other three sides of this fenced in mansion, trying to find a hole or a way in. Looking back, our first sign of "Maybe we should just bail" was about to happen. The boots that I was wearing were black military style boots. These boots were not fancy or heeled in any way. They were just flat, literal military issued boots. While walking down the flat and straight sideway, I went down. When I say that I went down, I mean that I tripped on the air in front of me and twisted the living hell out of my ankle. Now, I am not the most graceful butterfly in the world. This means that Michelle and I brushed it off as, "Lauren, can you not constantly hurt yourself?" because I'm really good at that. Michelle and I continued on until we see that there was a park bench underneath a hole in the fence. Until that point, it has not rained. It just threatened to. We looked at one another and debated if we really were going to jump through or not. Besides, once we got to that side, there was another fence we'd have to try and hop over. There was only a small section to land on before a very steep hill started. At the end of this hill was that river I mentioned earlier. That very fast moving river. As soon as Michelle and I said, out loud, "Alright, let's just do it", the rain started. And it wasn't a little tickle. It poured. The rain started coming down in buckets. We didn't let this stop us. Michelle threw her phone in my backpack (which also contained 1 Canon Rebel Camera, 1 film camera, and 2 Cell Phones) and hopped through the hole. She landed gracefully. Now it was my turn. Remember that time I said that I was not a graceful butterfly? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. When I hopped through, I completely lost my balance. 100% lost it. I slammed down (onto my back and on that backpack with many breakable things in it) and quickly started sliding down the hill. Very. Very. Quickly. Then things got a little worse. On this slide down, there is a bit of a drop that you can't see from where Michelle was standing. The drop was probably only about two feet and wouldn't have hurt too much. The thing that concerned me the most was the very slim and rusty pipe that was sticking out of the ground at a diagonal angle... It was pointed straight at me. At this point, I started spinning to my side (not on purpose). In other words, from the angle that I was going, this pipe was going to go through me. All I could think was that Michelle was going to have to call the police and the ambulance and I felt really bad that I was going to make her do that. My second thought was, "OKAY MY BAD. I shouldn't be here. If you let me live, I swear we will leave." Next thing I knew, the pipe slipped between my back and my backpack. As I fell off the drop, I was thrown forward, but I couldn't move... Because the pipe was caught in my backpack straps. Michelle slid her way down (in a controlled, non-accidental way) and was able to help me get out. She looked at my back and saw a nice big scratch from the pipe (which hurt for days but didn't need medical attention). We also quickly checked all things in my backpack... And not a thing was broken or damaged in anyway. We made our way up the hill and back through the hole, vowing never to try and break into that mansion again.

- so I can sigh eternally -


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January: Abridged.

Why January 2017 Didn't Suck

Oh January, how I have waited for you. I spent most of 2016 wishing for you to show your hope filled, lovely face. I yearned for your arrival for months. I counted down the days and agonized over all the things I was definitely going to do to better myself once you came because you can't welcome something like the month of January without promises of renewal. And here you are. I welcomed you while dying from a cold, but it's whatever. You're finally here. And as with most things that are highly anticipated, you kind of did suck.

I'm not here for the suckage. There's hundreds of articles across the internet that will tell you why January 2017 has been awful. If you're here, reading this, it's because you need a break from that awfulness. In the end, you have to make sure that you take care of yourself and take a break so that you can fight the good fight. Please remember that. 

In January, I went on an 8 mile hike with Jessica because we got a little lost and our shoes got really muddy and we definitely finagled our way over more than one fallen tree (Kila still doesn't understand why we didn't just go under like her 10lb self did). I dove, head first, into going back to the gym, just like everyone else and I'm taking my first aerial silks class tonight. Kaitlin and I saw an awful horror movie (our favorite kind!) that I inaccurately called "The Buh Bye Man", which, looking back, it really does sound a lot better than "The Bye Bye Man" and what kind of evil spirit even calls itself that anyway? I started a brand new journal, read 3 books, baked one dessert, and only had to clean up one instance of Harley puke. January has felt so long and yet so incredibly short.

Favorite Movie Watched: Vanilla Sky
During my younger years, I had an intense Tom Cruise phase. I had watched all of his movies at an incredibly young age (I still need to re-watch Eyes Wide Shut because I have a feeling that 11 year old Lauren missed a lot). Vanilla Sky is something I vaguely remember watching in theaters, back in the days where Athena and I saw every single movie that came out. I vaguely remembered the plot of the movie (and I somewhat remembered the twist, which it turned out I was wrong about). I re-watched it this month. And all I have to say, is fuck everyone, this movie was great. It had me on the edge of my seat. Admittedly, the end of the film was disappointing, however, the rest of the film more than made up for it, in my opinion.

Vanilla Sky is about a man named David (Tom Cruise) who apparently is super awesome and everyone loves him. His BFF Brian (Jason Lee) brings over a hot girl (Penelope Cruz) he met at a bookstore (why can't I meet a great guy at a bookstore?) to David's birthday party. David, being the dick he is, steals away Sophia (hot girl), even though he has his very own stalker girl (Cameron Diaz) who would do anything for him. David wants Sophia. The next morning, he gets in a car with Julia (stalker girl) and there's a horrible car accident that disfigured him. Then... it gets real foggy. You know what, just watch the trailer below and then watch the movie. If you hate it SO MUCH and you can't forgive me, I'll buy you dinner.

Actually, I'll just ignore you because you clearly have awful taste in movies.


Favorite Book: The Girl in the Spider's Web
Have you read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the subsequent books? If the answer is no, go out and read them right now. They're fantastic. I ate up the first 3 books like it was Taco Time. The writing, the characters, the plot line, the character development, the mystery... Everything was just so perfectly woven together in some of the best writing I've ever experienced in my life.

Then comes, The Girl in the Spiders Web. Unfortunately, Stieg Larsson passed away before the 4th book was written. David Lagercrantz was slotted to take the wheel for this one. While it was very clearly written by another person, this book just sucked me back into the Dragon Tattoo having world.

This book follows one story line: A computer scientist is murdered in his own home. The only witness is his autistic son (who, coincidentally, is a savant). Blomkvist is going through a mid-life crisis (one that I assume all print media people are going through at this very moment) and he is the one person that Balder (aforementioned scientist) wanted to speak to before his death. Balder had been working on something and apparently the wrong sorts of people wanted this information. Of course, when Blomkvist is roped in, the Queen of Badass, Lisbeth Salendar is roped in as well. Blah blah blah go read this fucking series. Seriously, what else are you doing? Reading 50 Shades of Grey?

  • If you're a huge fan of the series, everyone makes a re-appearance and you get to learn more about Lisbeth's past (which is my favorite part).
  • The plot line is still well done and well thought out. It's all incredibly believable with that necessary hint of action and drama that (probably) doesn't happen in the real world. 
  • No one changes (in a bad way). All characters are still very close to the versions that Larsson had originally written. Characters do things that are in character for them.
  • The characters that are new, are still incredibly complex and realistic. I think one of the best things about this series is how realistic the characters are and how they act within their character.
  • My only real con is that there are so many point of views. I had trouble keeping up with who was speaking and who's point of view I was seeing from. I also had trouble remembering whose eyes I was seeing out of in that specific chapter. I couldn't remember the characters because they kept shifting around so much.
  • More questions than answers. Balls.
Favorite Show: The Good Place and Sherlock
I couldn't choose, I'm sorry. I didn't discover either show in this month but I did binge watch both of them to catch up this month.

The Good Place. 
This is a new comedy from NBC starring Kristen Bell. I had no idea what the show was about but Bell is the perfect woman and can do no wrong. While The Good Place isn't an Emmy winning show that is going to blow your mind, it's a great comedy with a great story line and it has incredibly well written (and acted) characters. The whole idea is that after you die, you go to 1 of 2 places. You can go to The Good Place, where life is all puppies and rainbows (or whatever you're into) for eternity. Or you go to The Bad Place, which is eternity of torture and horribleness. Bell's character, Elenor, was mistakenly sent to The Good Place when she clearly should have gone to The Bad Place. Hilarity ensues as she attempts to first, hide the fact of who she is, and second, tries to become a good person in order to earn her spot in The Good Place. My swaying opinion on this was due to the fact that all people who listen to (and like) the Red Hot Chili Peppers automatically go to the bad place. It makes sense.


I don't even know why I'm writing about this show because you should already be watching it. Sherlock is, hands down, one of the best shows in the entire world. They have taken Sherlock Holmes and thrown him into the 21st century, equipped with a cell phone and a blog. Sherlock has taken on a much sassier 'tude with old school cases. Watching an hour and a half of Sherlock is always mentally draining for me. I try to infiltrate Sherlock's brain and figure everything out along with him. I don't think I've ever failed so hard in my life (unless we're talking about my love life -insert audience laughter here-). This season is very different from all the previous seasons, which has made fans choose a side. There's the original Sherlock with little action and more brain power or there's the new Sherlock with a lot of action and still a lot of brain power. The last episode has been my absolute favorite episode of Sherlock ever.

Besides, I'm always a sucker for a good villain.

(No spoilers... I just threw in a season 1 trailer to intrigue all of you)

This month was insane for me. I am currently made up of at least 90% stress and 10% sass. I've spent the month trying to learn more about myself through writing, reading, tarot, and long baths. I've learned that self care is incredibly important but, dammit, I don't have time for any of this right now. With work being as hectic as it is and the daylight ending at 5:30pm each day, it feels like a storm has run through my life, attempting to upend my sanity. Sure, the first 31 days have had me spinning, but I'm going to figure this whole "adult" thing out and I thank you for joining me on this. 

Do you have any great ideas to de-stress on a busy schedule? Also, why do you hate Vanilla Sky? 

- so I can sigh eternally -


Friday, January 13, 2017

Mr. Robot. "Zer0-day.avi"

Mr. Robot has taught me a lot of beautiful things. Most importantly, I am hella smart and I should always trust my awesome smartness skills. I also learned how to cover up finger prints and that if I commit a crime, I shouldn't post it on Twitter.

If you're questioning if you should watch Mr. Robot or not, you should. Also, you really shouldn't be here if you've never watched Mr. Robot because this is literally the last episode of season one's recap. So if you're here, and still wonder, you're dumb, go away.

I totally look at walls like that too, dude.
  1. Half of me doesn't know if I want to watch this last episode or not. Maybe I don't ever want to know if Christian Slater is really real. Maybe I've created a beautiful Mr. Robot inside my head. MAYBE I CAN'T HANDLE THIS. 
  2. Okay. I'm cool now. Mostly because I want to see what happens with Tyrell. How did this piece of shit become one of my favorite characters?
  3. I kind of hate myself.
  4. Oh hey, it's that guy that Elliott stole the dog from. The cheating piece of poop. CPP for short.
  5. Yeah, I'd call myself Michael too if my real name was Lenny.
  6. CPP reached out to his side piece (ex-side piece) because he has cancer and is dying? Gross.
  7. LOL OH WAIT, he doesn't even have cancer and he's not dying. He literally made that up. This CPP gets worse every second.
  8. Lol. Okay. As a person who works in Fraud, I get that I shouldn't be okay with Elliott hacking people. And I do get why CPP would go to the cops about this. But at the same time, YOU'RE A CHEATING PIECE OF POOP. You do not deserve to be treated like an innocent. 
  9. I cannot stop laughing about this guy. He is acting like such a victim. No, dude. Actions have consequences. You constantly played women and now you messed with the wrong woman and she had people who fought back against you. 
  10. This guy is all "Elliott ruined my life!" No. Dude. What are you not understanding? You cheated on your wife with SEVERAL women over the course of YEARS. And a guy who outed you is the bad guy? He's the one who ruined your life? Yeah, fuck off.
    "Hmmm, what you're saying is right but you're a horrid person so...."
  11. I need to go on a quick rant real quick to call out everyone who pulls shit like this. "So-and-so ruined my life." I'm going to guess that your own actions ruined your own life. That's how life works. Yeah, there are exceptions to the rule, but I promise you probably are not the exception to the rule.
  12. Back to the show.
  13. I hope the psychologist lady doesn't help this CPP
  14. She doesn't have to tell you shit. Let me explain this to you again. You. Are. A. Piece. Of. Poop. You are scum. 
  15. "We were a good thing!" HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this guy should straight up be a fucking COMEDIAN. Your ENTIRE relationship was a lie. You didn't even tell her your real name. I cannot with this scene anymore.
  16. You are trying to reminisce with one of your many side pieces. 
  17. YAASSS! The Psychologist ain't helping this CPP. Good Girl.
  18. Real talk: who goes into their house without turning on any lights? People in movies and shows do this so often. They just CHILL in the dark and wonder why they get murdered and/or kidnapped.
  19. Did I miss something? I feel like I really missed something.
  20. I didn't skip an episode did I?
  21. "Who am I?" LOL Elliott. None of us know that answer. Ask Christian Slater.
  22. You're 1 Part Remi Malek and 1 part Christian Slater. 
  23. No really. I'm so confused.
  24. Haha! Elliott no longer trusts his own brain. Same, Elliott, same.
  25. Angela found a new job pretty quickly. That's not really how the real working world works but okay.
  26. Oh wait... Did she accept the Evil Corp job? Is that what this place is?
  28. Fsociety even has a buzzfeed article. That means they're legit.
  29. Unless you're Trump. Then Fsociety is not legit.
  30. Is my blog going to be shut down now?
  31. Oh hey. We have those exact same conference chairs. Good taste, Gideon.
    Fancy. Especially for a company that's going down.
  32. "Ever since I started this company, it feels like I've just been rearranging chairs on the Titanic." Dude. This is literally how I feel about being an adult. This is so tragically beautiful. 
  33. Every time I hear 401k, I get a stress stomachache.
  34. I need to take this time to thank Tech Companies, like the one I work for, for not forcing a lame ass boring dress code.
  35. I hope Tyrell isn't dead.
  36. Never thought I'd say that, did you?
  37. "So this is what a revolution looks like? People in expensive clothing running around?" Yup. 
  38. Oh there's Tyrell. He's running fsociety now?
  39. I dislike Robin Hood storylines. Not because I don't believe in them, but just because they pull at me morally. The part of met hat was raised to work hard for my money says to let people fend for themselves. The part of me that is a decent human being, who realizes that shit happens, loves Robin Hood storylines.
  40. But also. Tyrell is rich?
  41. So why does he care?
  42. I'm going to skip over the part with the dogs and the euthanizing thing kthanx.
  43. Why are fires so pretty?
  44. I swear I'm not a pyro.
  45. YAS SHE'S SETTING ALL THE DOGS FREE!! Fuck shelters who kill dogs for space though. But super fuck people who adopt dogs without realizing what it takes to be a dog owner.
  46. Mail Order Bride and Elliott finally meet. I didn't know I wanted this to happen so badly.
  47. She probably can hear your thoughts, Elliott. She's crazy. So crazy. Possibly more crazy than you are.
  48. This entire scene is so crazy and so awesome.
  49. The background music is just SO ON POINT. They killed this scene. I am so creeped out and I love it.
  50. "That's an interesting question." Aka: I'm not answering this and I'm going to change the subject now.
  51. I feel for those people who have to make public statements and answer questions like this. He wasn't the only person to make decisions and he isn't the one who causes people to go into debt but he'll be the face of it and he has to figure out how to phrase stuff on the fly.
  52. If only all people in these types of situations and interviews were this honest.
  53. Wait... Is he only being honest cause he's going to kill - Yup... He just killed himself.
  54. I feel like there would be more brain chunks on the back window? Just sayin.
  55. It is confirmed. Angela did accept the Evil Corp job.
  56. All I have to say is wow. Even if she's there as part of the revenge plan. Still wow.
  57. Evil Corp should at least buy Angela a new pair of shoes. A pair that doesn't have dead guy on  them.
  58. "Hi, you should go home after this traumatic experience. But do note, there's a super important conference that's going to happen and if you're not there, you might get fired." That's pretty much the gist of this scene.
  59. LOL the way he handled the shoes... Gave her money and said "you need some new shoes. Those won't do anymore."
  61. This is a video of him falling off the boardwalk. Except he's by himself, of course.
  62. I missed your face, Christian Slater.
  63. This shoe salesman is AWFUL. I mean. He's right. Angela is there buying shoes after she was just in the same room, watching a guy kill himself. But he's also a customer service representative. Don't be in customer service if you want to be honest. 
  64. And now he straight up called her COLD. Damn.
  65. "Have some moral fiber and leave their asses." And become a shoe salesman like you? lol.
    I kind of like the blood splatter shoes though?
  67. Elliott. You can't try to fight Christian Slater in public because AS I HAVE ALREADY SAID, YOU ARE CHRISTIAN SLATER
  68. It's like Fight Club.
  69. "I reccomend you get one of those bluetooth headsets, that way everyone think you're the local douche" I love you Christian Slater.
  70. It's a true testament to society. Elliott gets knocked out and some loser is video taping it. He's probably putting it on snapchat.
  71. HOLY SHIT NO. Please tell me that Elliott and Evil Corp didn't make a pact, right? Cause guy from Smashed is acting way too confident that they'll be okay...
  72. "Don't talk your way out of a compliment." THANK. YOU. This goes out to all those girls who say "OH M GEEEEEEE NOOOOO. I DO NOT LOOK PRETTY TODAY I AM SO FAT AND I LOOK SO UGLY AND I LOOK LIKE SHIT UGGGGH" but they really want you to keep telling them how pretty they are.
  73. I hate you.
  74. That's genius. They're throwing a party at their arcade so that there are finger prints everywhere. That is so much simpler than wiping everything down and possibly missing something.
  75. I'll remember this in the future.
  76. Just kidding.
  77. ...
  78. :)
  79. Imagine how beautiful Times Square would be without any people in it.
    The only way I would visit this place. When it's empty.
  80. How insane is Elliott?
  81. On a scale of 1 to 10?
  83. I hate that I actually care.
  84. Also, the dog still hasn't pooped out that computer part, has he?
  85. Are you serious right now?
  86. That's the ending?
  87. That's the finale of season 1?
  88. Fuck all of you.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mr. Robot. "m1rr0r1ng.qt"

I told all of you, dammit. 
How many times is Elliott going to throw himself out/off things?
  1. Alright. I'm ready to continue with this mindfuck.
  2. Whoa. Asshole dude. If your "retarded" nephew could do the same job as Mr. Robot, why not have him do it?
  3. That's the type of stuff that retail workers live to say.
  4. I love flashbacks because they always have to throw something dumb in there. Like when Cal tells Rose that Monet will never amount to anything in Titanic. Christian Slater just said, "Oh Pulp Fiction. Never heard of it." Lol.
  5. I miss the days of checking movie times in the newspaper.
    Also, a time when $20 could cover going to the movies.
  6. "Even though what you did was wrong, you're still a good kid". I like this. Too many kids do something wrong and they're yelled at and told they're naughty. The kid isn't necessarily just a naughty kid. They're most likely a great kid who just did something wrong and I wish parents would take the time to tell their kids that. They don't need to grow up simply thinking, "I'm a bad kid... I'm a bad person."
  7. Elliott 100% has full right to want to kick Christian Slaters' ass. IF Christian Slater is actually there and NOT A FIGMENT OF HIS BATSHIT IMAGINATION! (which, we all know that he is)
  8. Theoretically, if Elliott's dad didn't die though, what is he fighting for?
  9. This entire thing was a revenge kick.
  10. So now what would it be?
  11. (Again, assuming that Christian Slater is actually real WHICH HE ISN'T)
  12. It is nice hearing Elliott have some real emotions though.
  13. Ahhh we're getting all into the whole notion that "they" want you to forget so "they" put you on meds.
  14. Y'all know I'm not a fan of meds... but sometimes they're necessary.
  15. Especially when you're seeing your dead father everywhere.
  16. JUSTIN IS BACK (Queer as Fold guy and Gideon's Boyfriend)
  17. Breakfast. In. Bed. I want a gay boyfriend.
  18. Failures still eat breakfast, Justin.
  19. Angela just walked into the lawyers office and expected a job? Okay
  20. She also really didn't think about how she won't be able to get a job after she confesses to her "role" in the hack?
  21. Can I take a minute to remind everyone that Christian Slater told Elliott that he's not allowed to have Darlene's phone number saved in his phone? If she really is his sister, wouldn't it be more sketchy that her number wasn't saved? Also, why doesn't Angela have Darlene's number? Aren't they best buds?
  22. Angela just pulled the number one "I'm an only child" sign. She assumed that because Darlene and Elliott aren't close, that Darlene doesn't care at all about Elliott. SWEETHEART. That is NOT how sibling relationships work. My sister could call me up to hide a dead body right now and I'd show up.
  23. ... not that she would.
  24. ... there isn't currently a dead body to hide.
  25. ... please move along.
  26. I'm with Angela on this one. If you guys want her help so badly, you really have to give her a hint about what's going on.
  27. Little Elliott's "games" are about statistical probability. Children are weird. 
  28. I want to hear more about this piece of shit mother though. IF Christian Slater really IS real (which he isn't), why would he leave his children to deal with her?
  29. Tyrell and badass mail order bride had their baby! That's gonna be one fucked up child.
    She's telepathically communicating with the child on how she's going to help him take over the world.
  30. Mail Order Bride was a teen mom who gave her baby up for adoption. She just became more of a badass to me. She's a tough broad. I cannot WAIT to see her development on this show.
  31. That baby is super cute though.
  32. Ugh. Baby fever.
  33. The drive that showed exactly who helped to corrupt All Safe was destroyed... Of course.
  34. Everyone knows that Tyrell killed the CTOs wife.
  35. Literally everyone.
  36. Can't tell if this boss is trying to buddy up or if he's the only person who doesn't find Tyrell creepy.
  37. LOL Tyrell got fired.
  38. Good call.
  39. However, firing him will definitely look even more suspicious to the cops.
  40. Which, I mean, he did do it so that's good but still. If the boss had a notion that Tyrell wasn't guilty, he just made sure that the cops look at him.
  41. I didn't see Tyrell as the begging type... But here he is.
  42. Now I see why mail order bride is in charge.
  43. Hmmm... Is Tyrell part of Christian Slater's group?
  44. Elliott has been crazy his entire life.
  45. Does anything actually exist?
  46. Is Elliott in an asylum? A la, Buffy season 6 "Normal Again"?
  47. Do I even exist?
  48. Why does everyone on this show use headphones when they're the only ones around?
  49. So the new family who lives in Elliott's house just leave their doors unlocked?
  50. Where do these people live?
    Where is this? I actually would like to go there.
  51. Every show I watch usually has a cemetery in it.
  52. Totally cool with that.
  53. UM.
  54. UM.
  59. I TOLD YOU
  63. I am so happy that I was RIGHT. But so angry that this show made me second guess myself.
  64. "You knew all along, didn't you?" YEAH ELLIOTT I FUCKING DID CHECK MY BLOG
  65. "I think I'm pretty fucking far from okay". Dude. Yeah. Dude... yeah.
  66. Angela. Don't. "I wish I could talk to my mom again." I get what you're trying to say. But no. Such an inappropriate statement right now. 
    "How many times do we have to tell Elliott that he's crazy? Ball park?"
  67. Now still wondering if I'm a figment of Elliott's imagination.
  68. Ugh. Why is Terry Colby at Angela's house?
  69. I hate the smirk that guys who THINK they've won get. Think being the key word.
  70. Terry Colby wants Angela to work for Evil Corp? Where's the string?
  71. "We started a rainy day fun" - the fun is roughly $500 million. Can I have that rainy day fund?
  72. "If you want to change things, perhaps you should start from within." This show has some cliche ass advice but it's cliche'd for a reason.
  73. I don't like Darlene but I 'm tolerant of her now that I know they're not endgame.
  74. So who is Tyrell in all of this?
  75. Ugh. He's putting on those gloves he wears when he beats the shit out of a poor homeless man.
  76. I don't know who is more crazy. Tyrell or Elliott.
  77. Possibly Elliott since he's showing Tyrell the secret arcade lair.
  78. "I wanted to save the world". Adorable, Elliott.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mr. Robot. "wh1ter0se.m4v"

Anyone else see the parrot? Or is this some bullshit Christian Slater parrot?
  1. Oh PUHLEZE. Darlene is hooking up with a rich guy. Uh-huh.
  2. She's going to have that entire "misunderstood girl" storyline down, isn't she?
  3. I spend 99% of my time with Mr. Robot wondering what the fuck all the female characters are wearing. Who is the stylist on this show and can they be fired?
  4. This rich guy claims to be smart but he "hides" his safe code right next to his safe?
  5. Of course Angela takes a ballet class. And still answers phone calls from her boring ex.
    Darlene's face is all of us right now.
  6. Wait. Do these two girls know each other?
  7. Seeing you is never a silver lining, Darlene.
  8. Secret: I always wanted to be a ballerina.
  9. How many people have concealed weapon on the subway at any given moment? Probably a lot.
  10. I want to theorize who "white rose" is but I've already theorized enough to the internet and APPARENTLY I WAS WRONG.
  11. So nope. Not even going there.
  12. Wait. Elliott and Darlene don't have each others' numbers?
  13. Who hides a handgun in popcorn? If the popcorn box gets too hot...
  14. If Christian Slater was real, wouldn't "white rose" want to speak to him?
  16. Theory is back on.
  17. Tyrell is insane. More so than usual. GUESS THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU STRANGLE A WOMAN TO DEATH.
  18. All the words Gideon is using... is a "honey pot" an actual term?
  19. "You have our full attention"... except for the phone in my pocket that's not on silent even though I'm in a very important meeting.
  20. Okay but why haven't we heard anything about the dead woman?
  21. Also, if he has his own office, why does he use headphones?
  22. Oh... they JUST now found the body.
    Yeah. You're fucked.
  23. Tyrell isn't being shady af. He's telling the cops to schedule an appointment to talk about a murder? LOL.
  24. Boring ex-boyfriend is still employed?
  25. HEY BRO
  26. That's right. Boring ex-boyfriend is my bro man.
  28. Why are you taking orders from this douche?
  29. LOLOLOLOL This boring ex-boyfriend LITERALLY works for a security company but he sent an email to his ex-girlfriend that LITERALLY says "THIS ENTIRE HACK WAS YOUR FAULT" hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha STOP he cannot be that stupid.
  30. Why are you trying to wash the spilled coffee out with dish soap?
  31. Do they not have Tide where you come from, Mail Order Bride?
  32. Actually... They probably don't. I'm sorry.
  33. Just realized that boring ex-boyfriend's name is Ollie. Hahahaha
  34. Angela just threatened to give up on Elliott. Okay. I'm done with her.
  35. The scenes that Elliott and Angela are in are all incredibly boring.
  36. Not gonna get over how some guy thinks that he's a badass by giving himself the nickname "white rose".
  37. Well damn. White Rose isn't someone we've met before? That would have been a fun twist.
  38. Also, White Rose isn't a dude?
    Did I start watching Breaking Bad?
  39. White Rose is all I want to be in the world though. So blunt. So beautiful.
  41. I LOVE White Rose. Such a bitch.
  42. "We're all living in one anothers paranoia". Accurate.
  43. I literally have the same conversations in my head that Elliott is having right now. He's talking himself into just calming down and making your brain chill instead of constantly be anxious. IS THAT A THING PEOPLE CAN DO?!
  44. Gideon better not die.
  45. But he's too smart to live.
  46. "What the shit" is a phrase that shouldn't be around.
  47. Yeah, it's not hella suspicious that Elliott is the only person not in the room with the entire company while there's a hack by fsociety.
  48. See. Gideon noticed.
  49. He knows dude. 
  50. Can someone please message me and tell me WHAT THE FUCK a honey pot is?!
  51. OH
  52. MY
  53. GOD
  55. Welp. I guess there goes my freaking theory.
  56. So is Tyrell like... a good guy?
  57. Obviously not actually good because he's a terrible fucking person.
  58. YEAH TYRELL. The cops will come to you when there was a FUCKING MURDER.
  59. You're so shady.
  60. The mail order bride is so much smarter than her husband.
  61. I mean like. Of course she is.
  62. "I happen to be really smart and good at things. Not like you give a shit." This is why no one likes you, Darlene.
  63. Don't count your chickens, Elliott.
  64. Darlene would be that really annoying chick who yells and screams when she's excited.
  65. Darlene telling Elliott that he's the best person she knows is not like, a real compliment. I feel like she doesn't know many people.
  66. Oh Elliott. You kissed Darlene. Gross.
  67. Wait. What?
  69. Oh. Oh. Uh. What? Darlene is Elliott's sister?
  71. Wow. Elliott...
  72. Oh man. My entire brain is going CRAZY right now. I have so many freaking theories. Holy shit.
  73. I'm buzzing with ideas. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
  75. Now Angela and Darlene being friends makes more sense.
  76. Oh hey, Elliott. You don't exist.
  77. Shocking.
  78. Has his dog pooped out that chip yet?
  79. Just wondering.
  80. WHAT
  81. WHAT
  83. One of two things...
  84. Either I was right and Christian Slater and Elliott are the same person cause Elliott is CLEARLY batshit insane
  85. OR
  86. Christian Slater is Elliott's Dad
  89. Elliott is still batshit and Christian Slater is a figment of his imagination (and is also his dad).
  90. Fuck.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Resolutions are stupid... And here are mine.

I have always been the cynic that thinks new years resolutions are stupid. "New Year, New Me!" Just because we've moved from December 31 -INSERT OLD YEAR HERE- to January 1st -INSERT NEW YEAR HERE-, doesn't mean that anything is really different. The calories from that 5th donut you ate on December 31st will still exist on January 1st. The alcohol you drowned 2016 in will cause your hangover in 2017.

If you want to make a change in your life, you should do it immediately. Waiting doesn't usually work, trust me. Waiting a few weeks (or months) to change something will usually force you to put it off even more. "Well, I've already said I was going to start working out on Monday and it's Friday so maybe I'll just do it next Monday" and so on until you realize that you've been paying for a gym membership for 2 years without using it once.

Then I started really thinking about everything. The things I wanted to change in my life. Ways I wanted to recover from "The Year We Do Not Speak Of". I've been sucked in, dammit. I've made 3 New Years Resolutions and me writing this is actually one of them. I'm going to let you know what the resolutions are and how I firmly believe I am going to keep them. Wish me luck. And give me shit when you know I need it.

Lauren's Ultra-Lame Conformist New Years Resolutions

  1. No using my phone while driving - I would like to start out this post by shamelessly calling out people over the age of 50. People over the age of 50 constantly complain about us "young kids" being on our phones all the time, including when we're driving. I commute approximately 2.5 hours each day and most people I see on their phones are people over the age of 50 (or people who look over the age of 50). So let's just say that we all do it and it's a shitty thing to do and we should really stop doing it. I text while driving, I look at Instagram/Facebook while at stop lights, and I use WAZE while driving. But I'm not going to anymore because I do not want to be responsible for killing (or even just injuring) an innocent human being (or animal!!) with my stupidity. How am I going to help achieve this? As previously stated, I have a long ass commute Monday - Friday. Podcasts have been my new buddy. When I get in the car in the morning, I throw on the Podcast playlist. I have a device (not this but similar) where I can mount my phone on my dashboard. That's where my phone goes. I also put my phone on "Do Not Disturb" as an added measure. Whenever I hear my text message ring tone, I'm too curious not to look at it. "Do Not Disturb" ensures that if my mom (or other family members... Or Jessica) calls with an emergency, I can answer it. Otherwise, it's not important. 
    Completely unrelated side note... Who is this man?!
  2. Write More - Writing has always been an outlet and a passion for me. I've always said that if I could just get one good idea, such as "The Boy Who Lived", I would be set. Unfortunately, that one good idea hasn't struck yet and while I have a few novel ideas set up in my head, I've never really fleshed them out. I don't even know if that's something I plan on doing this year. But what I do plan on doing is writing more, in general. I have an idea for this blog, but revealing it is more commitment than I'm ready for so instead... How am I going to achieve this? Every Sunday morning, after I wake up, brush my teeth (because I cannot do a single thing without brushing my teeth first thing in the morning), wash my face, and make my bed, I am going to write in my journal. About anything. I'll sit down with my coffee, my journal, a pen, and probably my shadow next to me (aka: Harley), and write. I have a journal jar and a "Book of Questions" (written in the mid-90s that I found at my parents cabin). I'm set. Maybe this time next year, I'll be telling you about how I'm actually writing my first novel. (lol)
  3. Save. Money. - I have a problem, guys. I love shopping. Over the years, I have gotten a lot better about "do I really need this?" but it's still pretty bad. Would you like an example? I have 27 books on my shelf that I have not read yet. Last year, I read 25 books. This is insane. Why do I keep buying books? (Jessica, I understand that you don't believe that book buying is a problem and that buying books shouldn't be part of that whole "shopaholic" thing I have going on. You're not going to tempt me she-devil go away). Sephora is the worst thing in the entire world. When did Sephora open? I don't remember Sephora when I was in high school or even college, actually. (Fun Fact: It was started in 1970 so I'm just really dumb). I am a Rogue Member (that means I spend at least $1k per year at Sephora) and I seriously have a problem. I currently have 6 different eyeshadow palettes (this doesn't include the individual eyeshadows I own), 21 different lipsticks, 3 highlighting palettes (not including my favorite Armani highlighter), and then there's everything else in my collection. My closet is over flowing and I have more shoes than I actually wear. How am I going to achieve this? I made an excel spreadsheet with a list of all of my bills that I pay monthly as well as my monthly income. My goal is to eventually save an entire paycheck a month, but I'm currently paying off all the Christmas Presents that are still sitting on my credit cards. Also, some of my hilariously wonderful co-workers are also trying to achieve a similar goal. We've created a little group where we are not allowed to spend "extra" money for 3 months. Food doesn't count and you're able to "replace" things (i.e. if you run out of foundation or hygienic products). Your monthly memberships don't count (i.e. Netflix and Gym Memberships) but you can't sign up for new things. If you fail, you have to come clean to the entire group.
So there you have it. My lame ass post about resolutions, despite opening up by saying that resolutions are dumb. If you need to save money too, let me know and I'll yell at you not to. I'm really good at yelling and I'm super great at guilt trips. In the end, you do you. If you want to have a resolution that you believe will make you a better, more amazing version of yourself, go for it. No matter what anyone says.

- so I can sigh eternally -