Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mr. Robot. "3xpl0its.wmv"

My face while watching every episode now.

This is the second episode where I question humanity and how much it sucks. I also start to think about this show being more of an artistic piece that mocks how AWFUL we are as human beings. I also teared up a little. They were tears of frustration and sadness. This show is real life getting to me.
  1. I always forget how many episodes I still have to watch. I feel like I'm already in so deep.
  2. I have real sympathy for prisoners. You're in this tiny ass cell with one single other person. And you're probably angry and bored as shit.
  3. Then again, how about you don't go to jail?
  4. Tell that to Brendan Dassey.
  5. Anywho. This lawyer chick is right. You put your shit online and you're shocked it was figured out?
  6. This little brother was TOTALLY in an episode of Buffy. How many times do I have to tell all of you that everything circles back to Buffy. EVERYTHING. 6 degrees of Buffy Summers.
  7. Or SMG. Whatever.
  8. How does this guy keep his hair bleached in prison?
    Do the rugs match the curtain...? Ugh. I hate myself.
  9. No. You don't kill someone to get "square" with the universe. That's not how this works.
  10. Let's not pretend this murdering drug dealer is actually intelligent.
  11. What a hipster ass cafe.
  12. I want to go there TBH
  13. GODDAMMIT. Why is Christian Slater talking to people?! I hate my life.
  14. I should not have told the internet that I thought Christian Slater wasn't real.
  15. I mean. Maybe he's not.
  16. I don't even know anymore.
  17. I'm gonna have to binge this show tonight, huh? Just for my peace of mind.
  18. Or is it piece of mind?
  19. Here's my reminder to google this later.
  20. (update: it's PEACE of mind, in this situation)
  21. Do people still name their children Wendy?
  22. "Bob's your uncle". Who is Bob? Why do old guys say this?
  23. Um. You look hella shady with your hood up in a business place.
  24. And you also look more shady by not knowing your own fake name.
  25. Elliott is an awful actor. Why are you guys having him go in?
  26. This is the equivalent of "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!"
  27. "I was being too weird" No. Fucking. Shit.
  28. Also, lol, I love Wikipedia and how unreliable it is but every college kid puts it in their references.
  29. Ugh. Boring boyfriend is the WORST.
  30. He's crying and now proposing and saying that SHE'S the one giving up? Um. No. Dude. You cheated on her.
  31. "You're ruining your life!" Angela: "Maybe, but I also ruined yours." DAMN GIRL OKAY
  32. You're framing him. Hahahah okay maybe I love you a little.
  33. "Did you even think about how this will affect me?" UM YEAH THAT'S WHY SHE DID IT
  34. Side note... They have a French Flag framed in their apartment why?
  35. This older guy is acting as if Elliott is Bill Gates.
  36. "HE'S NOT GONNA TAKE YOU FOR ICE CREAM" but if he was going to, that'd be the best tour ever.
  37. The more of Elliott's mother I see, the more I want to beat the shit out of her.
  38. Elliott. Dude. You need to chill.
  39. Whoa. This scene is not okay with me.
  40. That was so mean. Poor Bill. He's not nothing. I want to hug Bill now :/
  41. The ends do not justify the means!
  42. "I need you to go call someone that matters". It's "WHO MATTERS", you stupid jerkface!!!
  43. I hate this entire speech. I hate it. He's making Bill cry. THIS IS AWFUL. You're a dick, Elliott. Now I want to cry.
  44. Bill is just there, being a normal ass dude, doing his normal ass job. He is 100% not paid enough to take this bullshit speech from some hacking junkie.
  45. Fuck you, Elliott. You're not that much better than Tyrell.
  46. I hate this.
  47. Let's not be mean to people, okay guys?
  48. I kind of hope this supervisor lays down the fucking law. I now want Elliott to fail. 
  49. GOOD YOU GO TRUDY. You are a ghost. You bring them down.
  50. Nerds have the worst logic. "People are all the same."
  51. Yup. That's it. Me and Hitler are totes the same person.
  52. If you guys sent her a text message saying her husband died, I'm going to stop watching this show.
  53. Wow. Possibly close? Not sure what they sent. Still not good cause Bad Ass Trudy is leaving.
  54. The world sucks.
  55. Yeah so you know there's totally cameras everywhere, right? How does no one on this show know this?
  56. LOL HI TYRELL. I was just thinking about you.
    Field trip with the golden boy and the freak, circa 1995
  57. Awwww drug-y girlfriend neighbor chick is starting a new chapter by wearing a horrid outfit and being a waitress. Valid life choice.
  58. Can someone fix Tyrell's hair?
  59. Tyrell is a tad too smart for Elliott's lies.
  60. "Sure. I eat lunch." Elliott. Come on dude. The lead character from Ready Player One is better socialized than you are.
  61. I wonder if I would still think Tyrell was creepy looking if I didn't know his character. I always wonder that about serial killers. Would I have flirted with Ted Bundy or would my intuition tell me to run? These are the questions I ask myself daily.
  62. Oh Tyrell is judging the shit out of the waiter. Who the fuck cares? Money will never equal happiness. Maybe he likes his life. If he doesn't serve you salad, who will? Hmmm??
  63. I hate everyone on this show right now.
  64. Yes. Look more awkward when security shows up, Elliott. Shit. Pull yourself together.
  65. Who throws up in a sink? Are you a drunk sorority girl?
  66. Tyrell thinks you're pooping now.
  67. Oh shit. Maybe not. I knew Tyrell knew what's up.
  68. I honestly do not know who I'm rooting for anymore.
  69. What just happened?
  70. Tyrell called Elliott out and then he's going to have him helicoptered back home? And he's not telling anyone he knows about Elliott?
  71. Darlene is going to be murdered, yeah? I won't really care because out of all the ladies, she's the only one not growing on me.
  72. Who reaches out to their ex-girlfriend's dad? What a dumbass. That'll always be his daughter. He probably always hated you anyway.
  73. I like Angela's dad. He's chill.
  74. How did she become so boring then?
  75. Do these two actually love one another? Tyrell and his Russian Order Bride? Other people's relationships are so weird.
  76. What a cool library. I wish more libraries looked like libraries.
  77. Yeah, Darlene is the least subtle person ever.
  78. She's also not quiet at all.
  79. The Dark Army. Hahahhah the names of the groups on this show are hilarious. Did 4chan come up with them all?
  80. Awwww Emo Darlene is throwing a temper tantrum.
  81. Who are these people that Tyrell and mail order bride are having dinner with?
  82. Why is that center piece so large?
  83. It's very distracting.
  84. This dinner is so uncomfortable.
  85. This wife is so uncomfortable.
  86. Awww Elliott is having a typical bullshit phone convo with this girlfriend. Cute.
  87. I hope he actually does care about her. She's totally obsessed with him.
  88. #hopelessromantic
  89. So rude. Making a pregnant woman smell the wine she can't drink.
  90. "Hey here's this awesome shit you can't have. You can't have it cause you're a pregnant woman. But us men folk never have to worry cause we ain't never gonna get pregnant."
  91. Rude.
  92. LOL Tyrell is just assumoing he can talk shit about his host to his hosts wife? And she's totally not taking it. This wife is definitely the first strong woman on this show.
  93. Hahahaha of course they have a bidet in their bathroom.
  94. Why doesn't this woman lock the door when she pees?
  95. And she's just letting Tyrell walk in?
  96. Oh. Okay. Of course. She's going to offer him sex. Wow. Every time I say I like a woman on the show, they pull this shit.
  97. Wait. They're not gonna have sex? Tyrell is someone I'd love to psychoanalyze, if I knew how to...
  99. I hate this episode.
  100. Unless it goes full Fight Club.
  101. Darlene's tantrums are annoying.
  102. Also, I want a popcorn maker.
  103. A legit one. With real butter.
  104. Now I'm hungry.
  105. Why are you inviting Darlene over? Doesn't she have a home? Ugh. Don't be a dick to your girlfriend.
  106. Uh oh. Angela's dad is still doing shit with Evil Corp?? Or did they stop paying insurance?
  108. Please don't sleep with Darlene. Gross.
  109. Oh no. Please don't say Shayla is dead. I was just starting to kinda sorta like her.
  110. How do prisoners get phones?
  111. It's a fork in the road. Get it?

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