Thursday, October 1, 2015

October: What to Watch

"When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween."

October. The month that has inexplicably become more and more popular throughout the years. It's the month that signals Fall, Pumpkin flavored everything, Halloween specials on television, and blanket scarves. For me, October has always been exciting. Why? Because October is the month that my absolute favorite holiday is in... Halloween. I could honestly give up all other holidays if I got to keep Halloween.

Some of my favorite things to do in October is watch horror movies. Something I've learned over the years is that a lot of people that I surround myself with absolutely hate scary movies. I judge each and every one of you. I've made a top 10 must see October Movie list, but let's be honest, I watch these all year long. 2 of these movies are considered horror movies and I'd say I'm sorry but I'm only sorry that you're a big baby!

**note, I have placed stars after the reviews of the movies that aren't usually considered family movies. Judging by the fact that I saw all of these movies before the age of 11, I'm going to have to say my parents are super cool**

1. The Addams Family

The Addams Family is everything I've always wanted in a family and Morticia and Gomez are serious relationship goals. This 1991 family movie was based on the 60's television show (that I've mentioned before). The Addams have been missing a family member, Fester, for years. A family of con-artists decide to cash in on the Addams money by having the son (Christopher Freaking Lloyd!) pretend to be Fester Addams. Can he fool this family of misfits into thinking he's the real Fester?

2. Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is one of those movies you watch as a kid and you're like, "HELL YEAH BEETLEJUICE" and then you watch it again and you're like, "Whoa, mom and dad, you let me watch that?" It's got everything you want out of an 80s movie. Bad clothes, bad hair, great music, horrible CGI, and Winona Ryder. Adam and Barbara die and become ghosts in their old house. When they get new, and incredibly obnoxious tenants, they try to scare them away. When nothing else works, they turn to Beetlejuice, who has much more in mind than just helping out.

3. The Craft

I shouldn't even have to tell you why you should watch this movie, you should just do it. I love everything about The Craft. This movie is just perfection. The music, the clothing, the plot, the characters, the actors... Everything. Sarah is the typical new girl who gets screwed over by the typical asshole jock which gives her a reputation within a few days of starting at her new school. She quickly befriends 3 girls that everyone seems to be scared of. What she quickly learns is that all 3 girls are into witchcraft, dark witchcraft. Suddenly, all the fun turns into terror as their spells begin having horrible repercussions. **

4. The Crow

This is a 90s movie and it's set on Halloween Eve. Of course this is part of my list. The Crow is, arguably, one of the top ten movies from the 1990s. It stars the late Brandon Lee (yes, Bruce Lee's son) who died making the film. The Crow is based on a comic book (that was pretty good, go check it out) that follows Eric Draven, a man who was killed last Devil's Night (the day before Halloween). He comes back to avenge his and his fiance's death in true vigilante style. Also, he quotes The Raven. What more could you want? **

5. Halloweentown

When Halloweentown came out as a Disney Channel Original Movie, it was like all my dreams came true. I taped it using our VCR and wore the hell out of that tape. Halloweentown was where it was at and Marni totally understood me. It was like my soul was created into a movie. Halloweentown follows the Cromwell Family that lives in the "real" world and everyone is ignorant of their witchy heritage, except the mother, who tries to keep it from them. One day, the kids decide to follow their weird grandmother back to her bus home... Where they find out she lives in Halloweentown! But something really weird is going on...

6. Hocus Pocus

COME. ON. This is the definition of Halloween movies. I think I probably watch this movie 10 times within the month of October alone. If you do not like this movie, you are dead to me. Make sure you never tell me about your hatred of this movie because I JUST CANNOT. Bette. Midler. BETT. MIDLER. Oh yeah, Sarah Jessica Parker is totally in this but everyone forgets about it. In case you live under a rock, Hocus Pocus is a movie set in Salem, Massachusetts in both the past and the present. The Sanderson sisters were hung for being witches, back in 1692 but they swore they'd be back! And they came back when a stupid virgin lit the black flame candle. HILARITY ENSUES. If you watch only one thing on this list, watch this.

7. Interview with the Vampire

Brad Pitt. Christian Slater. Tom Cruise. What more could you want? Louis is a vampire. And he hates it (think Edward Cullen before there was an Edward Cullen... And less creepy). He decides to tell his story to a reporter (Slater). It's everything you could hope for out of a story about a vampire who hates being a vampire. Every actor in this movie fully commits and convinces you that they're truly vampires, living out their lives forever. **

8. Pet Sematary

If you're one of those big babies I mentioned earlier, you should skip this movie. Pet Sematary was the first Stephen King movie I watched and I fell in love right away. Pet Sematary is a movie about a secret Indian Burial Ground that was made into a pet cemetery. Except, when you bury an animal there, the animal doesn't stay dead. The animal comes back, but it's not the same as before... It's evil. So what do you think happens when you bury a person there? **

9. Practical Magic

If you think you have bad taste in men, you should watch this movie. Because Gillian has you beat. This is also another movie that I'm constantly watching. It's simply wonderful in so many ways. Practical Magic follows two sisters, Gillian and Sally who happen to be witches. Gillian is the bad girl who gets herself into trouble by dating a jerk who beats her. When Sally comes to the rescue, she rescues a little too hard and they end up killing Gillian's boyfriend. So why not bring him back to life? (see above post for correct answer)

10. Scream

Another scary movie. But if you're going to ever watch a scary movie, it should be this one. Scream is amazing in so many ways. Scream takes everything you know about scary movies and challenges it. It takes the classic movies and makes it into a reality. Before Scream, there wasn't a movie that called out scary movies on their bullshit. So Scream did it, in the best way possible. Scream follows Sidney, a high school girl, as people in her school are slaughtered. At the same time, Sidney is targeted and stalked by the murder, who constantly plays games. **

Now you can't say you don't have anything to watch this month. The best part is that most of these movies are on Netflix right now, so you're all set for a wonderful (almost completely scare free) Halloween night.

Happy October, witches

- so I can sigh eternally -


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