Monday, September 14, 2015

The T-shirt Diaries: Morticia Addams

Before I officially start this post, I want to clarify something. When I say Morticia Addams, I'm going to go full hipster and make sure that you know I'm talking about the original Morticia Addams. The woman making weird hot since 1964. The woman my dad says he had his first crush on. The woman who runs a household I would die to have... Carolyn Jones.

I have all the DVDs, you can borrow them

Let's continue.

Yep. Those are fake.

 When I was growing up, there's two women I wanted to be: Morticia Addams and Stevie Nicks. I've recently had someone tell me that they think those two definitely fit what I portray. Now I can die happy.

I think Morticia always appealed to me because she was unapologetically herself. The Addams family were "weirdos" in their world and probably are still considered pretty weird. One thing that my mom always taught me was to be myself. One thing my mom always knew about me is that I'm kind of weird. I like reading about True Crimes and Serial Killers. I don't have a favorite color but black is my favorite shade. I read far earlier than most of my classmates. I wear black lipstick. I hung dead flowers from my ceiling. Spirit was my favorite store growing up (that was the only place that had black nail polish). None of my classmates liked anything I ever liked because they were too busy watching 7th Heaven.

Serious conversations with Buster (aka: Dobby)

That's what my mom (and Morticia) made sure to instill in me. Faith in myself.

The best part about this day and age is that everyone is a weirdo about something. There isn't a "normal" anymore. All you have to do is find other people who are weirdos too and be weirdos with them. And I can tell you, I struggled for a very long time to find those weirdos I call real friends. There were times when I thought the friends I had were real friends, and it turns out they weren't. And that's okay. Because someday, you're gonna find those people who make life worth living. 

A wise person once told me that normal is only a setting on a washing machine. They were right.

I've found my weirdos. Go find yours.

Bonus Funny Face because I know Jacob is clicking on this 2,000 times and I don't want to disappoint him.

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- so I can sigh eternally -


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