Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September: Month of Fashion and Pumpkin Spice Lattes

September. It is the end of Summer and beginning of Fall. It's the month before my absolute favorite month of the year. Most importantly, it is the month that releases the September Issue of Vogue. This issue, that has it's own documentary, is basically the Bible for Fashion for the year. It predicts the upcoming trends and tells us what we should wear. While I'm not a fan of having someone else dress me and tell me how to be, I am a fan of fashion. And these next few trends I cannot wait for. 

1. Boots, baby

Do you know what I hate most about Summertime? The fact that I can't wear boots without sweating up a storm. I love boots. I LOVE them. I can find a way to wear them with anything, trust me. I'm beyond excited that this Fall, they're predicting not only stomping boots, like the gorgeous Balenciaga Ceinture Boots on the left, but the thigh highs that Jonathan Saunders is showing at his Fall 2015 show. You know that means I'll be wearing my Sam Edelmans daily, right?

2. The revision of Grey Lady Suits

Lady Suits. It's something I don't wear but I admire. Maybe someday, when I'm an older version of myself, I'll embrace the suit. Especially grey suits. Grey brings a sophistication but isn't as harsh as black. And yet, you're still able to pair it with any other color. For now, I'll drool over Giorgio Armani's Fall 2015 collection (left). I'm in love with the pants. The small slit and the cut of it makes it feminine without saying, "HOW TIGHT CAN WE GET THESE BABIES?!" Which is much appreciated. Vivienne Westwood also steps it up with her grey suit on the right. I'm really looking forward to both their entire collections. Classy, yet modern.

3. The higher the waist, the closer to God, right?

If there's one thing about the 90s/00s, it's the low-waist thing that happened. I'm so glad I (most likely) won't be seeing anyone's thongs anytime soon. High waisted was a "mom" thing to do, but designers like Rodarte and Versace show that you can wear high waisted pants (and skirts!) without being like your mom.

4. The shorter the skirt, the closer to God...?

If there's one thing you should know about me and fashion, it's that I love short skirts. I wish I could hop onto the maxi trend, but I have to stand by my old favorite. With boots trending, how could short skirts not be? When it's cold out but you still want to show a little leg, you throw on a short skirt with thigh high boots and you're ready to go. Thanks to Saint Laurent (left) and Sonia Rykiel (right), I'm making sure I don't skip out on leg day.

5. Victorian Chic

There was only one reason why I watched the CW show, Reign. It was because I wanted all the clothing. I've always wanted a closet full of Victorian style clothes, but modern. Since I'm not genius enough to do it, people better at this than I am did it for me. Valentino (left) has a line that I am legitimately ready to give up my non-existent first born for. Givenchy (right) throws a bit more velvet into the game but keeps it much more true to Victorian.

All in all, I cannot wait for colder weathers so I can wear all these beautiful things. Is it October yet?

 - so I can sigh eternally -


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