Saturday, May 30, 2015

Getting Away: Sebastopol Edition

Long weekends is what working people live for. A quick escape where you have absolutely nothing planned. A few weeks ago, I suggested that my boyfriend and I go down to Santa Cruz for a long weekend. I needed a little break from the everyday life that I live in the hectic Bay Area. Beaches, beer, good food, shopping... What more could you want?

So when Jacob suggested that instead, we go to the woods and paint, read, write, and play music all weekend... Well, there were a lot of emotions going through my soul, but OH MY GOD YES was an obvious. We packed up our bags, which included: paints, canvas', magazine scraps, a polaroid camera, journals, books, coloring books, epic colored pencils, and a guitar. 

I mean, who could say no to that face?

If you haven't heard of the website Airbnb, you need to go check it out. Since Jacob introduced me to Airbnb, I will never again use a hotel. Airbnb is a website where people open up their homes to "rent" while you're on vacation. There are so many options. You can stay on someone's couch. You can use an extra bedroom in the house. And then there's the best. You can rent an entire place. We decided on this place. It was basically a studio apartment and was the perfect size for the two of us. We wanted a place off the beaten path, as we were just going to stay in and cook. I remember when we first started dating and we'd go out to breakfast and such all the time. At some point, we figured out that both of us are way better cooks than a lot of people. Don't get me wrong, we both still go out to eat, but cooking is a big part of both of our souls. Maybe that's why we get along so well.

Our own personal pond. The upstairs is the area we stayed. 

Our check in time wasn't until 4pm. So we did what all responsible adults do. We went wine tasting. And it was beautiful. Our first stop (yeah, first) was Lynmar Estate. This place was gorgeous. The property is incredibly large and it has both indoor and outdoor seating. Additionally, Lynmar Estate has their vineyard right there for you to see, as well as a garden area you can walk through. From what I vaguely remember through a wine haze is that we tried 6 different wines and ate delicious (but pricy) cheese. The best part about Sebastopol is that everyone seems to love dogs and allow them everywhere. Anywhere that invites my baby (Harley, duh) along is a good place in my eyes. 

1st: Be serious. 2nd: Lauren doesn't know how to be serious. 3rd: Jacob makes Lauren just drink instead.
I'm really bad at being serious. Like, really bad. I laugh at all the wrong times and usually the things (THANKS DAD). This has upset a lot of people in my lifetime. Not Jacob. He thinks it's great. It's probably because he's bad at serious too. This is why we have so much fun. #relationshipadvice (never take advice from people who hashtag)

The second stop was way more fun then anticipated. If you have ever wondered what wine tasting in an Urban Outfitters would be like, go to Red Car Wine (by the way, I mean that in a really good way. I like Urban and I don't care what you think). The lovely lady serving us, Kelly, was super friendly and chill. I dislike wineries that take themselves too seriously. Not everyone is going to swish their wine and sniff their wine, then comment on the distinct flavors and age of the wine. Most people just want to drink alcohol and have a good time. This was Red Car.

It was here that I first learned to play chess. Jacob was a great teacher. I mean, you know that quote? "Those who can't do, teach"? Yeah. That's Jacob with chess. Because I kicked his butt. Also, this is what we use GoPro's for. Time lapses of us playing chess. Also of me spilling wine. See if you can spot that moment. #tipsylaurenisgreat (I have to stop doing that)

We had one full day of a getaway and we took advantage of that. We seriously spent the entire time cooking, painting, reading, writing, playing guitar (Jacob, not me), coloring (Me, not Jacob)... It was pretty much the best long weekend ever, despite me twisting the life out of my left ankle. Because I'm a graceful butterfly. Which most of you already know. I can't walk in a straight line without walking into something. If a cop ever pulled me over, I'd fail a drunk test while stone cold sober.

Here's what we made:
Left: Mine. Right: Jacob

Did you say you wanted a time lapse of us creating these messes up there? WELL, it's a good thing we have GoPros just laying around everywhere. If I say GoPro once more, do I get a free on-- Oh wait...

Guys. There's a time lapse of me coloring. How epic is that? I know, it's not epic at all and I don't blame you for deciding to never come back to my blog again. #epiccoloring (I had to)

When I was a kid, my mom worked a lot and also traveled. My dad owned his own business and was able to basically create his own hours. He was the one who got me ready for school, made my lunch, and helped me with my school work. I don't remember a lot of one on one time with my mom when I was younger, but the stuff I do remember has stayed with me. Such as my absolute love my coloring. My older sister loves coloring as well. That's what I really remember my mom doing. If I wanted to color, mom would sit down with me and color for hours. In recent years, she's told me it's because it's easy and therapeutic. And she's right. Give it a try. When you're having a bad day, sit down with a drink and a coloring book and just go at it. You'll thank me later. #reallifeadvice (ugh, how do I have friends?)

**Fun Fact: I forgot a pencil sharpener. I used a vegetable peeler because Jacob is basically Macgyver and he's absolutely wonderful

 - so I can sigh eternally -

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