Thursday, April 2, 2015

International Children's Book Day

April 2nd is International Children's Book Day! Ever since I can remember, I've been heavily into the reading of books. I think it started with my dad forcing me to read Dr. Seuss books over and over again. I'd say it was to torture me, but it was actually because he loved me. My evil Kindergarten teacher informed my parents that I had a speech impediment. It wasn't so much an impediment as it was my dad thinking that it was genius to teach his child how to incorrectly say words. Thanks, dad. Since my parents never signed onto the camp of, "Let's have other people fix our children", my dad figured the best way for me to get rid of my lisp and speech impediment was to read aloud. All the time. When he was cooking dinner, washing dishes, working on the car, or driving, I was reading to him. And it was always the complex rhymes of Dr. Seuss. I grew out of my lisp and speech impediment while also growing into an extreme book lover at the same time. 

So here is a list of a few of my absolute favorite Children's Books. These books changed my life, taught me lessons, and helped me believe in a world of fantasy. There's a link to Amazon in each caption!

The book that started it all. 
When I learned the definition of a love/hate relationship.
The most underrated Children's Book
And the least.  
The book that makes you think you're TOTALLY ready for adult themes.

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