Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Look Mom, There's Color!

As a kid, I learned about my colors. I learned the names, what colors made other colors when mixed together, what colors I was supposed to use in my coloring book, and most importantly, how eye-catching color is. 

When I got older, and much more self conscious, I learned how anonymous black was. Black was a shade that helped you blend into the background. It was a shade that made it so that if people even looked at you, they didn't pay you any attention. So black was pretty much my uniform.

But here's the secret. I desperately wanted to wear colors. Everyone thought I hated colors, but I really didn't. They just scared the ever loving shit out of me. The thought of having people intentionally look at me was terrifying. Why in the world would I do anything that made people look at me? Like, on purpose? 

Then, this pretty awesome thing happened. I stopped caring. So what if people look at me. I might as well wear what I want (and look good doing so).

I'm pretty sure that's when the fashion monster was born. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to rush down and buy all the bright colored things and wear them, but color no longer scares me. In moderation, of course. And mostly in pinks.

That's right, guys, I love the color pink. Seriously. If I had a favorite color, it might be pink (all shades of them, especially salmon). That's my public service announcement of the day... And ever day. Just wear the clothes. Especially if it's a skirt you got at a thrift shop for $5 (be jealous).

Can I take a moment to highlight two of my most favoritest (shut up) things in my closet at the moment? It would be this Modern Citizen Vest that is, sadly, no longer available. I have a few Modern Citizen pieces and their quality is fantastic. Plus, if you're in the Bay Area, next day delivery is not unheard of. I need to figure out how to style this a little more, so if anyone has a suggestion (that's not acid wash black jeans because a really attractive musician has already beat you to that one), shoot them on over and I'll give it my best shot.

If you already follow me on Instagram, then you know about these Sam Edelman Kayla Black Suede Over the Knee boots. I had been eyeing these boots each time my boss wore them. If we were the same size, I might have stolen them from her. Alas, we are not, so I had to settle with buying my very own pair. I'd sleep in these beauties if I could. 

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