Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Middle names. That's the name that parents get creative with because they know their children could simply pretend that that name doesn't exist. Until we grow up and realize that our first names are really boring (even if Starbucks employee's insist on not spelling it correctly). 

March 10th. That's National Middle Name Appreciation Day. I've come to appreciate the lesser known holidays to help celebrate everyday. I mean, why not? You're not dead, you might at well appreciate the little things in life. 

Lauren was a compromise between my parents. My mom wanted to go the Greek route, which was too weird sounding to my redneck dad, who wanted my first name to be Snow (he's hilarious, I know). Lauren was the name they came up with together because they both loved Lauren Bacall. My middle name is where my mom put her foot down. My great aunt was named Kaleo, which means the voice. I don't know much about her, other than the fact that my mom absolutely loved her. She gave my aunt the task of coming up with the tail end of my name. My aunt came up with punahele, which means the favorite. I simply assume that she thought I was going to have an amazing singing voice (joke's on her). Put that all together and you get:

The Favorite Voice

Today, embrace your middle name! It can be traditional, ethnic, spelled weird, or hard to pronounce (or all of the above). You're stuck with it either way ;)

Extra Fun Fact: My great aunt's full name meant "the voice of the dogs" due to the fact that when she was born, all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking. Most of my Hawaiian family tries to insist that my name means "the voice of the dogs". Personally, I feel like that makes more sense for me than "the favorite voice".

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