Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#HowWeWear: Workout-Inspired Style

Have I mentioned that I work in an amazing place that not only allows you to be yourself, but fully encourages it? Because I do. I get to work in a relaxed environment full of some beautiful and fashionable ladies (and gentlemen too!) that put on Style Challenges. Here's to my first one!

When I was a young child, the Spice Girls were the shit. No, seriously. They had Spice Girls everything. From barbie dolls (I had each one) to lollipops and even a movie (that I may or may not have recently watched). 

My problem was always that I couldn't decide exactly which Spice Girl I wanted to be. Posh Spice was an obvious. Cute dresses and heels everyday? AND perfect hair? Sign me up! But I wasn't a full on girly girl. So there's Sporty Spice who was friends with the boys and played sports. 

I got a visitor to my set.

So, Little Lauren, I have a solution for you. You get to be a mixture of both. A Sporty Posh Spice.

On a side note, I am ABSOLUTELY head over heels for these Banana Republic Shorts. Come Spring, I'll be in them all the time, trust me.

She's a sassy little turd.

Here's the links to the lovely ladies int he photos at the top (from left to right):

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