Sunday, February 22, 2015

(don't) Follow the Leader

All my life, I've had people telling me what I can and cannot wear. I suppose that's the price I paid for attending Catholic School. Thirteen years of polo shirts and plaid skirts, matching with everyone around me. Senior year, I was voted Most Creative in Uniform. I look back on my high school days and I'm not sure if that was a serious vote or a joke vote. I'd post photographs but I still want all of you to be my friend. I spent a lot of my teenage years wearing the weirdest, slightly Gothic, and most outlandish outfits I could find. And why not? My school outfits were planned out, down to what kind of shoes I could wear and how my hair was done. I felt suffocated.

 It took me many years and a 50lb weight loss to finally find myself, fashion-wise... And everyone is still telling me what to do. "Your bag should match your shoes" I would be poor. "Sequins and Metallics are for night time only" Then the sun can't reflect off my outfit. Duh. "You can't wear black and blue together" Why not? "No mixing gold and silver" I can't buy every piece of jewelry in two different metals. Again, I would be poor.

This is where I give fashion the finger. That's what my teenage years taught me. Be yourself. Do you want to wear leopard print pants with a stripped top? Do it. Are you short and you want to wear a maxi skirt or dress? Rock on, little tiny person. Fashion should be a way to express yourself, not a way to conform. Your style should do exactly what you want it to do and it should make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

So if you learn anything from me, it should be this. Never ever let anyone tell you who you are. No one will be able to determine that. It might take a few mistakes and some really awkward phases, but you'll figure it out. I promise.

Photos by the lovely Cindy

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